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Archer Ward Media ..

is a local Digital Marketing Agency. Our focus is on utilizing social media to turn clicks into customers! What we are not is a “one stop shop” for all your marketing needs. However, we do pack a punch with our unique way in which we execute our marketing skills! We pride ourselves in how amazing we are at utilizing our skills in order to execute the tasks we’ve mastered instead of trying to be all things to all people.

How we do what we do

It begins with the management of your Social Media, where we utilize social media in order to tell your brand story to the world, tweaking some things in the backend of your website so that your audience can GOOGLE you better and faster, we blog.. a lot! We show exciting videos of your brand, we put on our hard hats and go mining for potential clients through different Facebook ad campaigns. With the data we collect from the audience that we target, we use their information to create Call to Action (CTA’s) cues. These CTA’s are used to sell your products/services, and/or organically capture email addresses or other personal information to further assist your audience through their buyer journey!

If you talked to people the way advertising talked to people, they’d punch you in the face!
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As an Agency we know

Just how hard you’ve been working to keep your business running! We truly understand how difficult it can be, trying to run your business all while attempting to find ways to market it. (Trying to theorize: “How do I effectively work on my business instead of in my business?”) We know how much you yearn for the world to hear your brand story and what makes your brand so great! We know this because we were just like you; we wrestled with a plethora of marketing techniques when launching our first enterprise. We spent thousands of dollars in hiring professionals who delivered nothing but false promises and pushed us further into unnecessary debt.

We understand your pain and that is why we take our marketing strategies so personally because, we’ve been there. In summary, we deploy barometer techniques to leverage the greatest reach. From Social Media to vBlog (Video Blog), we push the envelope utilizing all of our best methods to tell your story to your audience, while increasing your sales!

“Our marketing recipe leverages digital marketing solutions and systematically deploys high conversion techniques that will resonate with both your BRAND and your audience.” –Samuel Phanor

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