Our Story


It began with a thought…

Like most young entrepreneurs, the founders of Archer Ward wanted to create a fun, cool company that would change the world in unfound ways. We believed that starting a business meant that we had a social responsibility to not only protect but also provide our community with a trusted service. The founders wanted to provide their clientele with a solution that would be both personalized to their specific needs and one in which every last detail would be designed to become uniquely and deeply entwined within the businesses of the South Florida community.

We look at life through a distorted magnifying glass that allows us to think the impossible is always POSSIBLE!

Archer Ward Media began its journey as Security Concept Consultant’s Inc. in March of 2013, the founder meandered on how else to provide a service that added both value and protection for the community that they loved and grew up in. Security Concept Consultant’s Inc. was designed to provide local businesses in the South Florida area with security guard services. In its first year, the company experienced some trouble selling their security services. Furthermore, Security Concepts Consultants brand was more associated as a consultant company versus a security guard servicing company. A re-launch of a wider brand became necessary in order to better represent the potential and future direction of the company. Due to this, on January 1, 2014, Security Concept Consultant Inc. evolved into Archer Ward Inc. Since its inception, Archer Ward has established its reputation as an unorthodox, security company, with no parameters restricting its growth and development.  However, as with most companies, Archer Ward fell short and suffered in its marketing and sales. Like most companies, they sought help from so-called experts and a company that bragged about how many years they had been in marketing. Thousands of dollars later and countless hours spent toying with and trying to figure out how to properly market the company’s security services, which ultimately resulted in absolutely ZERO success. In addition, having to deal with a “so-called” marketing company and marketing consultant, who bragged that they were results driven and all of their tactics were completely unsuccessful, leaving Archer Ward still unable to retain a single client. To add insult to injury, this all in one marketing company charged $8,000 dollars for a custom website that was supposed to be built from scratch and turned out to be a simple, $75.00 WordPress, template design. Till this day that website has not been completed however, the files were just recently delivered on a USB drive.

Archer Ward Inc. ended up in debt before even retaining its first client, and it became apparent to the founders that there was a real need for a local marketing company. Archer Ward, yearned to become the company that was known for truly looking out for the welfare of its clients, focusing on quality versus quantity, and didn’t over promise and under deliver. This led the founders of Archer Ward to abandoned the original idea of creating a security company and spent the following two years in investing in their marketing education. Studies encompassed everything from traditional education at Nova Southeastern University-Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, to a plethora of self-education, utilizing a variety of different educational sources. The founders invested in learning everything about marketing, with an overwhelming passion to create a company that solely cared for the success of its clients. Archer Ward has proclaimed war on all marketing companies that DO NOT focus on adding value to their clients they serve. Archer Ward Media is wholeheartedly focused on providing value to their clientele because we believe in you!

Our Story
To change the world
To create value
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